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Istituto di Montecatone Ospedale di Riabilitazione
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About us


Montecatone Rehabilitation Institute is a public joint-stock company whose members are the Local Health Authority and the Municipality of Imola. The company is led by a Board of Directors, with guidance and control functions, consisting of three members appointed by the shareholders' meeting (Local Health Authority and the Municipality of Imola). The new Board of Directors was appointed on 18th July 2017.

Since 2010 Montecatone Rehabilitation Institute has been accredited by the Emilia-Romagna Regional Health Service for 150 beds for inpatient care and 8 beds for day hospital for intensive rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injury and/or severe acquired brain injuries. 
The hospital consists of 5 operative units:

Critical Care Unit;
Spinal Unit;
Severe Acquired Brain Injury Unit;
Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine Rehabilitation/Day Hospital and Outpatient Services Unit;
Multi-specialized Care Unit.

The hospital offers several supplementary services and specialized pathways, as an addition to the comprehensive rehabilitation program, and avails itself of agreements with other healthcare facilities of the Regional Health Service, in order to offer the highest expertise in the field of diagnostic and surgical specialties.

The multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation goes beyond mere clinical interventions: many people, after illness or injury, will live with a disability, therefore it is important to accompany them in the re-appropriation of the highest possible level of independence in their new condition and to adequately support the reconstruction of their lives, keeping hope, independence and dignity alive, and supporting their full social inclusion. "Enabling disabled persons and promoting independent living" is a transversal program with the aim of coordinating the resources to implement the provisions of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Law 18/2009), in order to facilitate adaptation on disability condition of both patients and their families and to encourage the acquisition of awareness of their human rights. 

Moreover, research and innovation play a strategic role in the Institute as essential elements of healthcare and rehabilitation: several clinical trials are currently ongoing, some in collaboration with European and Italian partners and thanks to public funds, and there is a close partnership with the University of Bologna (Faculty of Biomedical Engineering and the Health Sciences & Technologies CIRI). The Scientific and Technical Committee, which includes doctors and a biomedical engineer renowned in the field of neurorehabilitation medicine, cooperates with the Research and Innovation Infrastructure, which supports the development and management of the medical innovation and research program of the hospital. Furthermore, healthcare professionals are continually involved in the development of best evidence-based care practices and pathways.

The company ensures the compliance with the Code of Ethics and the Public Services Charter and the participation of patients’ associations in appraising the quality of healthcare.

In its mission report, the company presents to Emilia-Romagna Region, Local Agencies and all the stakeholders the planned goals and the results achieved.

On the basis of these assumptions,  Montecatone pursues every opportunity to integrate with:

  • Health and social services, to ensure continuity of care of individual patients and to transfer useful expertise to safeguard the quality of life of people with disabilities;
  • Associations of people with a spinal cord injury, in order to incorporate and support their mutual interests in the programming and government institutions.